Juvenile Court Staff

Amy Busic, Magistrate
Jennifer Shunk, Court Administrator
Jim Langford, Bailiff


Amy Tonkovich, Chief Deputy Clerk
Linda Timko

Mary Lyle
Michelle Lindsey, Assistant Chief Deputy Clerk
Gina Walker

IVE and Fiscal Officer

Andrea Brueggemeier

Probation Officers

Kelly Carter, Chief Probation Officer
John Markus
Allison Powell
Courtney Cook

Truant Officers

Jonell Tolzda

Alternative School/C-CAP Program

Noah Atkinson, Director
Aaron Walker, Probation Officer
Jonell Tolzda, Probation Officer
Melanie Haswell, Teacher

Substance Abuse Programs

Dave Carter, Director
Kara Mowery, Probation Officer

Diversion Program/Restitution and Community Service

Mary Lyle 

Assigned to Juvenile Court

Rhonda Greenwood, Assistant Prosecutor

Frank Pierce, Public Defender
Ted Tsoras, Asst. Public Defender
Harry White, Mediator