Sargus Detention Center

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Sargus Juvenile Center

The Sargus Juvenile Center, situated in St. Clairsville, Ohio, is one of the state’s seven district juvenile detention facilities, and provides services to both Belmont and Harrison counties. The Center was established in 1973 and named after Judge Edmund A. Sargus, a former juvenile court judge for Belmont County.

The rated bed capacity of the Sargus Juvenile Center is 17, although twenty-four youth are detained on any given day. The average age of a detained juvenile is fifteen, the majority of youth detained are male, and highest percentage of youth comes from Belmont County


As a Juvenile Detention Center, it is our purpose to provide a safe and secure environment for the youth detained in our facility, while holding them accountable for their actions in a dignified and respectful manner. It is our intention to help each individual that comes through our doors to accept responsibility for his or her behavior and to learn to make better decisions to successfully function in society.

Visitation Rules for Parents/Legal Guardians

Only parents and legal guardians are permitted to visit youth detained in the Center. Exceptions may only be made by the Executive Director. People that provide transportation for the parent or legal guardian cannot visit. All visitors will be required to produce photo identification before entry into the visiting area. Regular visitors should not count on staff to recognize them and must have photo identification available.

Visits will be limited to 30 minutes. Appointments must be made with the Secretary during office hours 8:00 am – 3:00 pm Monday – Friday. Visitors must have an appointment to visit. If the designated visiting times conflict with parent/legal guardian’s work schedules, other arrangements may be made. Those arriving late will not be permitted to extend their visiting time. Only three visits are allowed per week. Visiting times are as follows:

Wednesday – 6:00 pm

Friday – 6:00 pm

Sunday – 3:00 pm

Residents do have the right to refuse to see any visitor.

We ask that all visitors conduct themselves in an adult manner. It is expected that visitors treat Sargus staff respectfully, as they will also be treated. All visitors are expected to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Visitors are to report to the Juvenile Admissions area upon their arrival
  • Visitors are not to leave minor children unattended in their vehicles during visitation times nor bring them to visitation appointments
  • Visitors are required to register when they arrive and sign out when they leave
  • A brief, appropriate display of affection before and after each visit is permitted. There is to be no prolonged physical contact during the visit
  • To maintain security within the building, all visitors will be searched with a metal detector. Pat-down searches will be conducted if deemed necessary by supervisor on duty.
  • If any visitor transports or attempts to transport contraband into the secure detention area, criminal charges may be filed. (Contraband is any substance that would jeopardize the security of the facility or the safety of the staff or residents.)
  • Weapons are not permitted in the detention center.
  • Any behavior that jeopardizes the security of the facility will not be tolerated. Visitors whose behavior becomes disruptive or inappropriate may be asked to leave if deemed necessary by the supervisor on duty.

Violation of any of the visitation regulations may result in visiting privileges being revoked. Cooperation with these regulations will ensure that the visits will not interfere with the security or the safety of the residents or staff.

Items Prohibited During Visits

Clothing articles not permitted for visitors include:

See Through Clothing and Tight fitting clothing
Short Skirts, Short Dresses or Short Shorts
Spandex or tights
Tank Tops, Tube Tops, Halter Tops, and Muscle shirts
Hats, bandanas
Clothing that displays the midriff
Clothing with Gang or Club insignias,References to drugs or alcohol or Obscene gestures
Appropriate Undergarments are to be worn

Other Items Not Permitted By Visitors Include:

Wallets with chains
LIGHTERS and Matches

Other Visitation Rules:

Prescription eyeglasses are to be worn, not carried or placed in pockets

Jackets, coats and sweaters are to be left in the admissions area

Visitors, who smell of alcohol, cause staff to believe other drugs have been consumed, or demonstrate disruptive, inappropriate behavior may be refused visitation privileges and asked to leave the premises.

Any behavior that jeopardizes the security of the facility will not be tolerated.

Contact Information

Belmont Harrison Juvenile District
210 Fox Shannon Place
St. Clairsville, Ohio, 43950
Telephone (740) 695-9750
Fax (740) 695-6001