The following forms may be used for Juvenile Court filings. Please read the instructions carefully. You are encouraged to consult with an attorney.

Motion for Allocation or Reallocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities

Motion for Visitation

Motion to Appeal Administrative Support Order

Motion for Contempt

Objection to Magistrate’s Recommendations

Application for Sealing or Expungement of Record

Grandparent Power of Attorney 

Caretaker Authorization Affidavit

Click on the above forms to view printable PDF.

The Supreme Court of Ohio, pursuant to Ohio Rule of Civil Procedure 84 and Ohio Juvenile Rule 46, approved on April 11, 2013, Uniform Domestic Relations Forms 6 through 28, which are effective July 1, 2013. These additional acceptable forms to the Belmont County Juvenile Court can be found on the Ohio Supreme Court website.