Deposits & Court Costs

Deposits in the amount set forth will be required:

(A) Full Estate Administration; Appointment of Fiduciary for the purpose of filing a Civil Action; Release of Estate from Administration; Testamentary Trust; Adoptions; Application for Private Placement; Appointment of Guardian of Minor or Incompetent; Emergency Guardianships; Appointment of a Conservator and Application for Protective Services  $150.00

(B) Civil Actions; Declaratory Judgments; Will Contests; Determination of Heirship; Concealment of Assets and all other contested actions $125.00

(C) Probate of Will Only (with tax return); Application to admit authenticated copies of Will/Estate Administration; Petition for Release of Information on Adoptions $61.00

(D) Petition for Change of Name $86.00

(E) Minor’s Settlement $50.00

(F) Application for Summary Release from Administration $100.00

Court Costs shall be assessed as follows:

(A) Ohio Estate Tax Return only $26.00

(B) Delayed Registration of Birth $21.00

(C) Correction of Birth $19.00

(D) Certified Copies of Marriage Records $3.00

(E) All copies $1.00

(F) Certified Mail $7.00

(G) Computer Fund $10.00

(H) Computerized Legal Research $3.00

(I) Mediation $10.00


For Probate proceedings not listed above, please contact the Court. These Court costs may be changed by the Court without amendments of these Local Rules or as required by statute.